Welcome to New York Gemstones

Genuine Gemstone Jewelry

All our gemstones are genuine and natural, we never produce synthetic or lab created gemstones. We work with expert gemstone buyers, who are traveling to all major gem markets around the world and buying directly from the mines. NYGS obtains its gems only from trusted sources, strongly rejecting the trade of illegally obtained stones. The gemstones we purchase are not financing armed conflicts or supporting terrorist activities, nor do we engage in business relating to jewelry made from endangered species.

New York Gemstones Business Model

We work with some of the most trusted gemstone cutters and jewelry factories in the industry, producing more than a million pieces of fine jewelry a year. We specialize in over 800 gem types.

Being completely integrated in the whole Jewelry making process, we are able to offer the very best quality gemstones and the lowest prices online.

Our Gold Jewelry

All our Gold Jewelry is solid gold.

Our Silver Jewelry

All our Silver Jewelry is pure 925 Sterling Silver.

Our Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold plated Sterling silver with Rhodium

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