Jewelry Care

Only Genuine Gemstones Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is created to last a lifetime, however with everyday wear, proper care and attention is required to keep jewelry looking as good as the day you purchased it. From our basic guide below we hope this makes the task extremely easy for you. If you have any further questions please email us:

  • Remove Jewelry during manual tasks -This prevents physical damage to your jewelry or exposure to certain chemicals.
  • Put jewelry on after applying makeup - Chemicals contained in these products can often damage jewelry.
  • Don’t wear during sport - Not only can this damage jewelry it can also hard the people involved.
  • Don’t wear jewelry when swimming - Chlorinated pools can react with metal causing loss or change in color.
  • Clean your jewelry with care - either purchase commercial cleaner from a jeweler or make a solution yourself, alcohol is a fantastic cleaning agent, however avoid bleach!
  • Use a polishing cloth - This is the best way to clean your own jewelry.
  • Use warm water - Not only can this damage jewelry it can also hard the people involved.
  • Regular inspection - continually check your jewelry for signs of damage or dirt. Addressing problems or signs of damage will prevent and further damage or loss.
  • Keep your jewelry in a secure place - store jewelry in a container to prevent it moving around and scratching each other, fabric lined jewelry boxes are best.

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